Team Projects

Forest Roads CalculatorForest Roads Calculator

GUI application written in C# that assists in the calculations needed for constructing mountain roads. The application was created upon request for a civil engineer. The application requests the data of the terrain inclination & stability factors. It then generates the amount of dirt that needs to be excavated and moved, plus if there is a need for stability wall. It also exports all data in a word file.

Q and A gameQ and A game

This is a windows form application that was developed as part of an academic English seminar at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Automatic Drop Pill Embedded SystemAutomatic Drop Pill Embedded System

This project was done in the scope of the TELO-III at he Industrial Informatics department, at the University of applied sciences of Kavala. It include the entire life cycle of the product from conception to acceptance by the stakeholders and the final generation of a prototype that was fully functional.

SCM simulationSCM simulation

The main aspect of this project is how to model an industrial production with Petri nets, and then use intelligent agents to manage and control it. The theories of e-logistics and Petri nets are used in order to construct a line of production. After that a multi-thread simulation was created in C# to show the work and material flow in the manufacturing system. Results were transferred into an xls file and presented as graphs.

Student Auto-Evaluation SystemStudent Auto-Evaluation System

This is an Student Auto-Evaluation System developed as a desktop application. The application allows the creation of tests by lectures, the completion of test by students, and the evaluation/grouping or results to PDF or XLS files

Railway Accident Investigation TrainingRailway Accident Investigation Training

The main focus of the research was the training of railway accident and incident investigators. The goal of the dissertation was to suggest the design and implementation of an online tool to support the training and sharing of knowledge between railway accident and incident investigators across EU member states. This online tool was implemented on a Content Management Platform (CMS) that allows users to modify the content of the site. The design of the site was influenced by the adult learning techniques.

Relatively inferior stategies in coordination gamesRelatively inferior stategies in coordination games

In this study we were curious to see if there are any Attraction Effects in games with relatively inferior strategies. In particular, we studied coordination games with a conflict between the Payoff Dominant (PD) equilibrium and the less risky equilibrium, resulting when players choose their (pure) maximin strategies. Evidence in the literature shows that conflict between payoff and risk results in coordination failures. Then, in our Treatment Condition, we added another option that resulted in an equilibrium (or a set of equilibria) that was not the PD but the strategy wasn’t the maximin either. We believe that players will perceive this strategy as inferior and thus Attraction Effects might be present. We used two different designs, one with one-shot Strategic Form games and one with repeated Step Public Goods Game (SPGG). Our results are mixed. In the Strategic Form games, we cannot reject the hypothesis that there are no Attraction Effects. We cannot say the same about then SPGG though.

New Approaches On The Efficient Market HypothesisNew Approaches On The Efficient Market Hypothesis

An attempt to explain theoretically the latest alternatives to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). In particular, it included the emerging fields of Behavioural Finance, Evolutionary Finance, and finally, Heterogeneous Agents Modeling, Non-Linear Dynamics and Complexity.

External SitesExternal Sites

This section includes a description of the sites that are built by C.E.R.I.N.T. for a number of companies and individuals.


This is a Logger package build with .Net core 2.2. It supports multiple targets as well as a number of logging levels.

Folding @ Home TeamFolding @ Home Team

Points Poker SitePoints Poker Site

This is a points poker application, created in .net core and signalR to help teams with their refinement scrum sessions.