SCM simulation

The present study aims to present the methods used in a production line. In addition there is an evaluation and proposed an upgraded production model. As a product using a modular robot company deagostini. The assembly was clocked to model and intensify research. The main result of the thesis is the evaluation of these production models and their comparison with proposed under various scenarios orders and production units.
The chapters of the thesis will present in detail the tools used for analysis and modeling of the production line. We will first present the theoretical background that is around what it is and how it works and organized a production line. After concentrating on methods for managing a production line electronically. As a key part of modeling networks using Petri (PNs). With the help of PNs convert the block diagram of the output in a usable diagram modeling.
After the theoretical part of the thesis, I present four simulation programs. The first 2 are existing models used in industry. The other 2 are the evolution of earlier based on the integration features with intelligent agents (intelligent agents) (IA). The IA programs are based on statistical analysis of sizes take decisions, which can later be modified, to improve the outcome. Naturally there is a reference to the theory of IA and their use to date.
Finally, to make an effective comparison of the models, statistics collected by each program and analyzed to provide a clearer picture.