Automatic Drop Pill Embedded System

The Automatic Drop Pill Embedded System was a team project that required experience on a variety of subjects. Initially we had to propose a commercially viable idea to the stakeholder that was Prof. Evaggelos Nikolaropoulos. After ageing what the product was going to be requirements and specifications where finalized. At that point the development of the project started. We were a 7 member team. Each person was responsible for an aspect depending on his knowledge and experience. Nevertheless we did not work in isolation since each component had to be fitted with the rest. The team roles applicable to the CERINT team where:

  • George Christoforidis: C++ developer, Production and SCM manager
  • Meropi Themistokleous: QA Tester, C++ developer, Documentation developer

The C++ code on the AVR had to account for 2 entry points.

  1. One keypad on the actual machine
  2. The automated input from the serial port.

At the end the ADPES was able to provide prescriptions of up to 4 different pills on a regular bases that was managed from an application that run on a laptop connected to the AVR via a serial port. Additionally an ‘emergency’ function was available that allowed the hospital staff to get a prescription immediately from the machine using the keypad. Due to the budgeted limitation that where imposed on all teams (300€) the prototype we made was out of Plexiglas and low cost cables. Despite that fact, if proper materials where used the prototype could easily be put into a hospital for beta testing. The entire endeavour was completed in less than 2 months.

The project received the highest possible grade of 10/10, and it also received first place in the innovation fair (2010) in Kavala Greece.