Railway Accident Investigation Training

Title: An Online Extendable Content Management Platform for Railway Accident Investigation Training. (06/2012 - 09/2012)

During the development of my thesis I was called to investigate a number of aspects concerning railway safety. The main focus of the research was the training of railway accident and incident investigators. The goal of the dissertation was to suggest the design and implementation of an online tool to support the training and sharing of knowledge between railway accident and incident investigators across EU member states. This online tool was implemented on a Content Management Platform (CMS) that allows users to modify the content of the site. The design of the site was influenced by the adult learning techniques.

The online platform was created using Umbraco 4.9. In order to generate all the needed features and make sure that they were tested adequately VS2010 was also used during the development stage. The main programming languages were C# and ASP.NET. In order to generate an appealing front-end, HTML and jQuery were also used. For client-side scripting and to extend the features of Google API JavaScript was used. Some Umbraco features were generated using XSLT and Razor files. All needed data where stored in a MSSQL 2008 database and managed with SQL queries.

The thesis received a high grade (A4) and I received a recommendation letter from my supervisor.