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  • High school diploma. (Graduated 2005)
  • Attended the University Of Applied Sciences Of Kavala, department of industrial informatics for a Bachelor degree. Graduated 1st in the graduation class of November 2010. (September 2005 - September 2010)
  • Attended the University Of Glasgow, for a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing Science (September 2010 - September 2011).

Working experience:

Professor’s assistant

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Computer technician

Worked as computer technician providing computer support for    individuals and helped 2 private computer labs to set up their classroom computers.

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During my internship I was involved in 3 different projects all done in Visual Studio with ASP.NET and/or C# with the support of SQL database and XML, TXT and XSLT files to store and present data.

The development of a new defect-tracking system in the form of a web-application.

The debugging of the previous defect-tracking and continues support in anticipation of replacement by the new system.

The development of a database monitoring application for creating progress reports on products and systems.

Complete description of the technologies I used while at Philips can be seen at the evaluation letter I received at the end of my internship.

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Asp.Net/C# developer

Developed several web pages for a company, mostly concerning hotel and restaurant WebPages. I used VS 2010 and Umbraco CMS to manage, publish and modify contents of WebPages. HTML and XSLT files were also extensively used. The back-end development was either done in ASP and C# or is some cases XML scripting and Razor was used for functionality features. A list of links for the front end of the web sites can be provided on request. All back end development is done always keeping in mind that the end user must be able to use the CMS easily.

In addition to the back end development and Umbraco support I was responsible for server setup as well as IIS and SQL server setup, installation and configuration. 

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Software engineer

Worked developing web applications using ASP.Net and C# in Visual Studio 2010. The development process follows the agile methodology and JIRA is used to manage the process. Nunit tests are used to assure the stability of the applications as per the Test Driven Development guidelines. Version control is done by using SVN. Due to the diverse nature of the project that the company is involved in I am also called to work on Java projects using Eclipse. Depending on the project Oracle, MSSQL or Mysql is used for database support. Some of the project use NHibernate to access the database entries.

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Asp.Net/C# developer

Working for dogDigital I developed sites in Sitecore and Umbraco, by building the back end and connecting the CMS functionality with the provided designs. All features and custom controls are built in C#/ASP.Net and some visual features required the use of JavaScript/jQuerry and HTML/CSS

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Analyst Programmer

My role for M&Co involved supporting the transition of the IT department from the existing system to new Microsoft technologies including but not limited to TFS, Azure, C#,, Windows Scripting, Console Apps, Windows Forms.
Also during my employment at the company I was responsible for developing new features for a .Net application hosted on Azure and used by the franchises that are spread around the country and include some overseas locations.

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Software Developer

At this role I was developing new applications for the company using new technologies including but not limited to bootstrap CSS, MVVM, Knockout JS, Durandal, Hot Towel, etc... The base functionality of all applications is c# and MSSQL that is developed via remote desktop onto a virtual machine with windows server 2012, VS 2013 and MSSQL server 2012.
Additionally my responsibilities include debugging and improving existing applications as well as supporting the company agents during evening shift in order to assure the smooth operation of the asterisk phone server and IVR scripts.
Moreover, this role was based from home and not an office. As a result it was imperative to maintain a disciplined schedule and be able to avoid distractions that would interfere with my work.

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Systems Developer

At this role I was asked to investigate the creation of a full CRM system for a branch of the company. I was responsible for the requirements elicitation and to look into existing CRMs as possible starting points and build onto them. I had the opportunity to interact with the stakeholders directly and in the end produce a really high quality and helpful bespoke CRM system.
Furthermore, I was supporting the existing in-house CRM solution for a branch of the company.
Some technologies I used during my time at AC where: MVC, C#, MSSQL 2012, Entity framework 6, VS2013, Telerik, SVN.

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Software Developer

As part of my work with CezanneHR I was tasked to completely redesign the way that searches on the product work. It was decided to use entity framework in order to introduce the team and product to it as the product was based on ADO.
Additionally, I redesigned parts of the database to improve performance and accommodate the new way that the product worked. Furthermore, I had to make alteration to the typescript files in order to accommodate the server side changes that are passed via a WCF api. The product also has a number of supporting software tools that had to be altered to support the improvements.
Finally, I was helping junior team members with their coding and keeping track of a number of development branches when the team lead was away. I was also involved in the recruitment process of new members as the team was expanding.

Some of the technologies I used include but are not limited to C#, EF, WCF, MSSQL, visual studio online build server, redis cache, GIT, and to a lesser extend TypeScript & Angular. 

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Software Developer

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  1. Worked as Professor’s assistant at C.E.R.I.N.T. (September 2006 - September 2009) Read more...
  2. Worked as Computer technician at Private (September 2009 - January 2010) Read more...
  3. Worked as Intern at Philips medical systems (March 2010 - September 2010) Read more...
  4. Worked as Asp.Net/C# developer at Sedley-Place Digital (September 2011 – December 2012) Read more...
  5. Worked as Software engineer at GBGroup (December 2012 - March 2013) Read more...
  6. Worked as Asp.Net/C# developer at Dog-Digital (March 2013 – November 2013) Read more...
  7. Worked as Analyst Programmer at M&Co (November 2013 – March 2014) Read more...
  8. Worked as Software Developer at ERS Medical (March 2014 - March 2015) Read more...
  9. Worked as Systems Developer at Arnold Clark (March 2015 - January 2017) Read more...
  10. Worked as Software Developer at CezanneHR (January 2017 - April 2020) Read more...
  11. Worked as Software Developer at ISAMS (April 2020- Current) Read more...


Programing languages:

  • MVC, Razor, ASP.NET, C#
  • MVVM, Durandal, KnockoutJs, JS, jQuery, AngularJS


  • MSSQL / MySQL / Oracle

Testing / CI:

  • NUnit, VS Test Manager, Jenkins, TeamCity

Software development process:

  • Advanced knowledge of system architecture:
    • UML diagrams, requirements elicitation, domain models.
    • Exposure to agile methods.

Applications and tools:



  • Visual Studio 2010/2013/2015/2017
  • MS SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016
  • MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE
  • SQL Developer Oracle
  • Redis cache
  • MS Windows(7/8/10/Server 2008/2012)
  • IIS.
  • SoapUI
  • JetBrains dotPeek/Resharper
  • SVN tortoise / TFS / Git
  • Virtual SVN server.
  • TeamViewer.
  • Microsoft Office (2007/2013)
  • Chrome / IE9 / Firefox.
  • VMware Workstation/Hyper-V.
  • FTP filezila server.
  • Cobian
  • Cloud storage APIs (Azure, DB, OD)
  • AIDA64
  • Pulseway monitor

Project Management


  • JIRA
  • TeamBox
  • Trello
  • VS online (Azure DevOps)
  • Umbraco
  • SiteCore

Foreign languages:

  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • Excellent knowledge of Greek
  • Basic knowledge of Bulgarian.


  • Two day conference "Academic libraries from the society of information to the society of knowledge" Ermoupoli Syros. (18-19 October 2007)
  • Academic English seminar at Canterbury Christ Church University. (20-7-2008 to 10-8-2008)
  • Applied Process Design of Industrial Plants University of applied sciences. TEI Kavalas. (07.10.2008 – 17.10.2008)
  • Fourth International Scientific Bulgarian-Greek Conference” Computer Science 2008” International Symposium “BioComputing 2008” University of applied sciences Kavala Greece. (17th-20th September 2008)
  • SQL in the City London 2015 (16th October 2015 )
  • 30th Anniversary International Conference on Information Technologies Varna Bulgaria. (20-21 September 2016)
  • 31th  International Conference on Information Technologies Varna Bulgaria. (20-21 September 2017)
  • 32th  International Conference on Information Technologies Varna Bulgaria. (20-21 September 2018)


  • E.C.D.L.
    • Cert. Number: 6665
  • Microsoft
    • Achivements
    • C# Jump Start 
    • Microsoft certified professional #70-483 
    • Microsoft Technology Associate #98-364 
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals #AZ-900 
    • DEVOPS200.1x: DevOps Practices and Principles 
    • DEVOPS200.2x: Infrastructure as Code 
    • DEVOPS200.3x: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 
  • Health and Social Care Information Centre
    • Information Governance: The Refresher Module
    • Password Management 
    • Information Security Guidelines 
    • Introduction to Information Governance 
    • Information Governance: The Beginner's Guide 
    • Records Management and the NHS Code of Practice 
    • The role of the Caldicott/IG Lead in General Practice 
    • Patient confidentiality 
    • Secure Handling of Confidential Information 
  • Pluralsight
  • Udemy
    • SQL Database MasterClass: Go From Pupil To Master!
    • Typescript Masterclass
    • The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course 
    • Xamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-platform Apps with C# 
    • Angular for Beginners Course 
  • Amazon
    • Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Architecting
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Core Services
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon S3 Block Public Access
    • AWS Online Conferences 
  • Coursera
    • Introduction to Meteor.js Development
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Web Design for Everybody (Basics of Web Development and Coding)


  • Knowledge management in e-learning systems Christoforidis S. George, Christoforidis G. Sofoklis presented at the 2 day conference titled: "Academic libraries from the society of information to the society of knowledge".  Of the University of applied sciences of Peiraias along with the library association - EMP, the university's unit of Aegean university of Syros, and the municipal library of Ermoupoli, 18-19 October 2007 
  • The transport of Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in the supply chain management (SCM). Christoforidis S. George, Christoforidis G. Sofoklis, Papadopoulos Charalampos, Fourth International Scientific Bulgarian-Greek Conference” Computer Science 2008” International Symposium “BioComputing 2008” University of applied sciences Greece, 17th-20th September 2008. (Best paper award) 
  • Make intelligent decisions for Electric Power Systems COMPUTER & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERlNG ISSN 1314-2291. 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Dimosthenis Pappas, Stefanos Goumas
  • Suspicious Account in Social Media Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: Sofoklis Christoforidis, George Christoforidis, Anastasia Miltsakaki, Ifigenia Triantafilou, Platon Georgakis
  • Intelligent Techniques Applied in the Control of Micro Grids Energy Systems Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis
  • Is the Multi-agent System Suitable for Controlling the Energy Micro Grids? A Case Study on Greek Islands. Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Stefanos Gumas, Dimosthenis Pappas, Panagiotis Kogias
  • Evaluation the Knowledge in eLearning Systems infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Naoum Zilas, Vasiliki Georgaki, Anna Thysiadou, Stefanos Gumas
  • Generate Test Based in Multi-Agent Systems for eLearning Systems Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Naoum Zilas, Vasiliki Georgaki
  • Preparation and Presentation the Medical Information Based on User Profile Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Naoum Zilas, Vasiliki Georgaki, Vasiliki Georgiadou
  • Distributed Systems and the Citizen Health Record Based on HL7 Infotech 2016 September 21, 2016 Authors: George Christoforidis, Naoum Zilas, Sofoklis Christoforidis, Vasiliki Georgaki, Michael Miltsakakis, Dimitrios Thomopoulos, Athanasios Thomopoulos, Stefanos Gumas
  • An Approach to the Training of Medical Lab Technicians for the Efficient Use of Diverse IT Systems. Sep 20, InfoTech 2017 Authors: George Christoforidis, Meropi Themistokleous
  • Simulated Comparison of Push/Pull Production with Committed and NonCommitted Automated Guided Vehicles. Sep 20, InfoTech 2018 Puclished in IEEE Authors: Georgios Christoforidis, Vangelis A. Stykas, Thomas Kassos
For more details download my CV or see my linkedin profile.

One of the top 10% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012.


Lauren QuinnGeorge is a committed individual with in-depth knowledge of back-end development. He is quick to respond to any problems and always helpful. He functions well under pressure and would be a valuable asset to any development team.N/AContact
Artur PasiekGeorge is talented, solution oriented and skilled developer, who can deliver high quality code up to industry standards. He is also great co-worker who can work as a part of a team as well as individual.N/AContact
Simon BoakGeorge has shown a great set of abilities in his role, often having to react and learn quickly to different situations, and can always be relied upon to provide an expert solution to any problem.N/AContact
Craig FairgrieveGeorge is a fantastic programmer with exceptional skills in .net and associated applications. A pleasure to work with and will be sorely missed from the team here. George would be a splendid edition to any development team.N/AContact
Claire MeldrumHaving worked closely with George for a year, he has been a great asset to both our development and design teams. He is efficient, hard working and very helpful, given any problems that may arise. I would have no hesitation in recommending George to any employer who requires a developer with passion and professionalism.N/AContact
Sofoklis ChristoforidisDuring the 4 years that George was employed at C.E.R.I.N.T. he displayed exceptional professionalism in his technical work as well as his interpersonal interactions. As the director of C.E.R.I.N.T. I was the immediate supervisor of George. During the 4 years he was called to substitute me during class hours and teach a number of classes. Additionally he was responsible of maintaining the computers of the lab in working condition so that lessons can be conducted without problems. I have been also involved in some research projects with George where his technical insights have been very helpful. I would recommend George for any position in the field of programming and/or academia.N/AContact
Evangelos NikolaropoulosMr. CHRISTOFORIDIS Georgios, Imm.Nr. 1688, has participated to my course “Computer Based Systems Engineering”, during the Summer Semester 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences (TEI) of Kavala, Greece. In the frame of this course he participated to the group project work of creating a fully functional embedded system (both HW and SW) through all engineering phases, from concept up to customer acceptance in only 6 weeks. The system developed by the group of Mr. Christoforidis was an „automatic pill dispenser’ for usage in hospitals. It comprised the possibility to enter prescriptions for all patients on a PC connected with the pill dispenser, by itself an embedded system. The system released the appropriate pills according to the dosage indications of the prescriptions at various times of the day and printed a label with the name of the medicament and the patient id. This project has been very successful mainly due to the active involvement of Mr. Christoforidis to almost all areas of the development, beyond his main assignment as software project leader. The project has received the highest grade. Mr. Christoforidis is very interested on everything related to computer technology, he is learning very fast and is able to transform his knowledge into results. He is a hard worker without neglecting his excellent social skills. Mr. Christoforidis‟ work is “results oriented” and characterized by very high quality. His contributions are always a step ahead of what he has been taught in the School. Contact
philips medizin systemeDownload File Contact
Prof. Theodore AlevizosMr Christoforidis has attended my courses on “Programming Techniques”, mark 7.7 (final exam, lab and homework), “Object Oriented Programming”, mark 8.3 (final exam, lab and homework), “Advanced Topics in Data Bases”, mark 7.5 (final exam), “Topics in Theoretical Computating Science”, mark 5.0 (final exam). Mr Christoforidis is one of the very good students I have met in this Department. Overall, Mr Christoforidis is a dependable, intelligent and mature individual and I have been impressed by his personality, work ethic and general demeanor. He is also ambitious and eager to enhance his education by pursuing graduate studies, working hard to reach his goals. I totally support his effort to pursue an internship in a demanding and competitive environment and I recommend him highly and without reservation. Contact
Papadakis StylianosDownload File Contact
Sophie De Malet RoquefortGeorge is a dedicated Engineer, always willing to lend a hand in trying to solve problems. He worked well within the team and especially enjoyed the front-end design of our web projects, trying to ensure a good user experience for the client.N/AContact
Chris EllisGeorge worked hard and enthusiastically within our team on front end projects, particularly using ASP.Net and C#. He also demonstrated commitment at a key stage of an important project.N/AContact
Hazel DarraghI've worked with George on a number of projects and he is a very talented and efficient developer who delivers work to a high standard. He is very proficient on the Umbraco CMS as well as the Sitecore platform.N/AContact
Meenal UpadhyayGeorge is a fab team player and brings unique perspectives on the technology front. During the times we worked in the same team, it was always interesting to hear his insights for the project considering his interest and knowledge in everything current in the tech worldN/AContact
Simeon BiniatidisMr. George Chrostoforidis attended a Java Programming and an Advanced (Desktop) Applications programming class I was teaching at the Technological Educational Institute, Dept. of Information Technology and Computer Science, Thessaloniki, Greece (2005 - 2009). Since then I had the fortune and blessing to witness his growth and evolution as Web and Applications Java developer and architect, as well as consult with him in such matters. With highly driven and focused effort he has flourished into a virtuoso and a wizard of the field.N/AContact
Scott mcallisterGeorge is extremely hard working, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. always happy to help others and never puts in less than 100%N/AContact
Michael murphyI've had the pleasure of working with George during my time at Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd. He is an excellent Developer with an extensive depth of knowledge for many facets of Software Development. His attitude to his work is exemplary, often exceeding the expectations of his clients, all of whom still hold him in very high regard on the Projects he has worked on. In addition to this he is able to form a great working relationship with any client or fellow employee very quickly and is an excellent source of knowledge for the projects he has worked on and programming practices in general. Working in Support Development I have always found him to be very helpful with any questions or queries I have had and he has always provided valuable insight and advice. I would highly recommend George as a superb addition to any Development Team.N/AContact
David StewartGeorge is hard working and very knowledgeable. In my time working with him, he was always friendly helpful and his knowledge of C# and software development in general was especially useful in my own progression as a software developer.N/AContact
Adam PieroniGeorge is a well-mannered person who has an excellent work ethic. Throughout knowing George, he is constantly looking for ways to improve his knowledge and expertise though any means, which is a boon to any organisation wanting a good self-starter. Ever helpful, patient and polite he has been a pleasure to work with.N/AContact
Kieran McCoolGeorge is a passionate and talented developer. He is always willing to help his colleagues with any issues they face in their roles - which I made use of many times in my first year as a developer. I have learned a great deal from George, his knowledge of our large enterprise codebase is extensive and thorough, demonstrating his ability to learn and apply himself to any role. On top of being a fantastic developer, George is friendly and approachable guy with a varied set of interests. I've had the pleasure of sitting across from him for almost 2 years now and consider him to be a good friend. It will be sad to see him go, but I'm sure that wherever he ends up, success will follow.N/AContact
John AllanExperienced and knowledgeable in C#, SQL and other back-end and front-end languages and technologies. Always willing as a senior developer to help answer any questions and give advice on how to solve problems.N/AContact